Alarming increase of 95,000 malwares seen in KSA per month

Alarming increase of 95,000 malwares seen in KSA per month

malwares identified by Trend Micro

Trend Micro Incorporated, a global leader in cloud security, says Saudi Arabia is highly unsafe to cybercrime.

This year the Kingdom has experienced a frightful increase in infected machines.Increased Internet usage provides more opportunity for cybercriminals.According to Trend Micro, an average of 95,000 malwares were identified per month in KSA.

The security vendor said their customers in Saudi Arabia are safe from today’s malacious threats because of Trend Micro experts who are working in the Kingdom to raise awareness and to provide a holistic approach to the internet security.Majority of the businesses and government entities in the Kingdom are relying on inadequate security solutios, Trend Micro said.

“Business and government entities remain vulnerable to cyber-attacks in KSA. Today’s criminals are organised and relentless, and when the attack happens, and it will, the financial implications will be very damaging, not to mention losing brand integrity and credibility. In today’s world where everything is connected, protection then becomes indispensable,” commented Ihab Moawad, Vice President, Trend Micro, Mediterranean, Middle East & Africa.

He added that today the threat environment has developed, and targeted attacks, are a real danger.Most internet users are unaware about their PCs or business environments have been compromised. Any system from any organization is at risk, and the ones most targeted are those with compromised machines and inadequate protection.

Trend Micro with its robust partner ecosystem ensures that the company’s best-of-breed security solutions are easily, and widely available to KSA individuals and businesses.

“2016 has seen us investing more and more into KSA. We made more products and solutions available to the KSA market, and our channel partners have played a crucial role in making this happen. Cyberattacks will continue to grow, especially with Ransomware, and business can ill afford to have their networks comprised. We remain committed to the KSA market, and will continue to protect the Kingdom from devastating cyberattacks,” added Moawad.