Avoid Charging Smartphone via USB And Laptop or you may get ...

Avoid Charging Smartphone via USB And Laptop or you may get hacked!

Smartphone charging

Connecting a cell phone to a PC/Laptop using a USB cable could
make you helpless against hackers.
Experts at Kaspersky Lab checked different cell phones with
Android and iOS operating systems to understand what
information is exchanged when associated with a Mac or PC and
found that an entire slew of information exchanges to the PC
while the two devices are associated.

“Utilizing only a consistent PC and a standard micro USB cable,
equipped with an arrangement of unique commands, Kaspersky
experts became able to re-flash a cell phone and quietly
introduce a root application on it. This amounts to a total
compromise of the cell phone, despite the fact that no malware
was utilized,” Kaspersky said.
The whole sensitive information of the device including
electronic chip ID are shared during this process. This
exchange makes it simple for hackers to take advantage of the
important data exchange between the cell phone and PC.
“The security dangers here are self-evident: in case you’re a
regular one then you can be chased through your device IDs;
your phone could be noiselessly packed with anything from
adware to ransomware,” warns Alexey Komarov, analyst at
Kaspersky Lab.

Kaspersky Lab Suggetions For The Protection Of Smartphone

Kaspersky Lab proposes to ensure yourself by just utilizing
trusted USB charging points rather than PCs; keep your cellular
telephone secure with a password or fingerprint recognition and
make sure not to unlock it while charging; use security
features for protection of data; and introduce antivirus
software for the identification of malware even if a charging
vulnerability is used.