Banque Saudi Fransi to help customers with mobile security protection

Banque Saudi Fransi to help customers with mobile security protection

Banque Saudi Fransi

Banque Saudi Fransi has collaborated with Kaspersky Lab to provide its customers free mobile security solutions.

The bank will provide Kaspersky Total Security multi-device product to its online banking customers free of charge, as a proactive measure for securing their personal devices from viruses and other malware infections.

The software is given to customers to enhance their online security and to help raise awareness of about cyber security. Research from Kaspersky Lab and B2B International unveils that two-thirds of Internet users worldwide (65%) are worried about online financial fraud, yet 11% of consumers use no security solution at all to protect themselves.

“The current realities are such that many people still do not have a security solution installed on their devices and do not know a lot about safe practices in cyberspace. For example, they can’t identify phishing messages or fake websites, which is leaving them vulnerable to a cyberattack. Together with Banque Saudi Fransi we hope to improve this situation,” said Ashraf Abdelazim, В2В Business Development Director in the Middle East at Kaspersky Lab.

Banque Saudi Fransi customers can log in to their online banking account through FransiPlus, BSF online banking services, to get the product activation code which can be used to activate Kaspersky Total Security in three devices and is valid for two years.