Dell prepares ‘future-ready’ customers in the Kingdom

Dell prepares ‘future-ready’ customers in the Kingdom

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For future-ready technology, Dell, is announcing its continued momentum in providing customers in Saudi Arabia.Businesses are given competitive advantage with the emergence of new IT technologies therefore CEOs are turning more toward CIOs as the new business experts.To meet current and coming future needs, Dell worked hard with its customers in the Kingdom and across the region to ensure that the right technology and expertise is provided.

Technology plays a vital role for Saudi Arabia to achieve its Vision 2030 plan with the digitalization of government processes and procedures seen as a major accelerator. As the Kingdom prepares to expand its economy, customers in the region will need to be a part of the digital economy to increase efficiency and output.

As businesses prepare for future demands, Dell’s objecitve is to avoid a separation between new and traditional technologies by emphasising on computer-centric and software driven models. By combining emerging software-defined data centre technologies and new infrastructure hardware designs, Dell aims to deliver a future-ready approach that will help its customers be workload-ready, virtual-ready, big data-ready and cloud-ready. This model is already proving successful in EMEA, with many customers taking advantage of Dell’s expertise and offerings to prepare for future demands now.

Mahboob Al-Abdulrahman, Deputy General Manager at Dell, Saudi Arabia said:

“We believe that one unified strategy for improving structure, workloads and experiences means better outcomes across the board. Our work with customers to date has demonstrated the strength of this strategy and we look forward to deploying it further across the region. Our approach to future-ready IT is evolutionary. You can begin optimising with Dell at any point in your journey, anywhere in your IT set-up. 

There is significant opportunity for Dell through the digitalization of government services to increase both efficiency and effectiveness, both necessary ingredients to realise Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.”

“The Saudi government plans to reduce its operating cost and extend its services to all its citizens. In order to achieve this, it needs to improve IT infrastructure, education, security, and application. Dell has proved that it is committed to providing high standard solutions and services. Also, Dell has invested in human capital in the Kingdom and employs Saudi nationals exposing them to a professional work environment.” Abdulaziz Alhargan, Member of the Majlis al-Shura.

Eng. Sami Al Hussayen, Assistant Vice Governor and CIO, Technical and Vocational Training Corporation said:

“As we enter the fourth industrial revolution, and build on the digital era, cloud computing, mobility and big data analytics are increasingly becoming a commodity. Governments in the region, and Saudi Arabia in specific with its 2030 Vision, are focused and dependent on digital transformation to achieve their goals. In this digital era, infrastructure is being dealt with on the cloud rather than individual parts -Dell is one of the few companies that offers end to end solutions. Today, the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC) is dependent on Dell’s infrastructure, blade servers, EMC storage and VMware virtualization. 

With TVTC commitment to grow from 150,000 trainers to 1M trainers by 2020, we are relying on Blended learning and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), which we able to provide on our training cloud that we have built using Dell technologies.”