Dubai firm Four unveils a “hacker-proof” smartphone K500

Dubai firm Four unveils a “hacker-proof” smartphone K500

hacker-proof K500

Four introduces “hacker-proof” K500 smartphone

Dubai-base smartphone company Four has launched a new “hacker-proof” smartphone without a camera or GPS function.The smartphone basically designed for security-conscious users who wants to reduce the chance of hackers accessing the device to spy on them.

Mobile phone brand Four has launched the “hacker-proofK500 smartphone and the lack of a camera reduces the likelihood that cybercriminals could use ‘peeping Tom’ malware software to access the device and collect personal images without the user’s knowledge, it said in a press statement on Thursday.

Four’s founder and CEO, Faisal Al Bannai, said in a press statement:

“There is a very real concern that your mobile phone could be hijacked by malware, photographing you, friends and family, spying inside the home or workplace”.

According to a report released by the security arm of telecoms infrastructure firm Alcatel-Lucent, 16 million mobile devices in circulation in the world are currently infected by some sort of malware – almost 1% of all mobile devices.

It also showed that there has been a 25% increase in malware attacks on mobile devices since 2013.

“This can happen by downloading a seemingly innocent app onto the phone, but within the app are a series of permissions, allowing access to cameras, GPS location and so on,that transform the camera into a spy device. The app is the so-called Trojan horse that installs surveillance software onto the device, and brings intruders into your private environment.”

The “hacker-proofK500 will retail at Dhs 299 dirhams ($81) and will be available in over 1,500 outlets across the UAE and Saudi Arabia.