Ekimetrics Official Partner of Facebook Portal Dedicated to MMM (Marketing Mix Modeling)

Ekimetrics Official Partner of Facebook Portal Dedicated to MMM (Marketing Mix Modeling)


The French global analytics consultancy was chosen as a trusted third-party dedicated to increasing the reliability of advertising performance metrics on Facebook networks

The companies who are part of the Facebook MMM Partner Program focus on measuring advertising’s impact on Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Audience Network. Advertisers need to measure the outcomes of their media investments, and identify correlations between their brand and an impact on their sales.

Ekimetrics will enable advertisers to acquire a better understanding of their media mix in different channels. They will be able to compare the effectiveness of offline/online investments with the kind of accuracy that has been expected for a long time.

Measuring digital and social ROI: accuracy and granularity at a level never achieved before

Ekimetrics will offer a solution for measuring the unique market ROI, which will be able to quantitatively measure the impact of advertising investments on sales and on the brand, as well as compare investments between different social networks with a granularity by category, product, country and content that is well above current practices.

Ekimetrics is recognized for its strong industry knowledge and disruptive approaches. Facebook teams audited Ekimetrics’ methods in depth before choosing the company among the first partners. This French nugget has now become a key provider for Marketing, Insights and Media Managers internationally (Asian social platforms such as Baidu, Wechat… will also be included). Ekimetrics will also participate in developing new solutions to continuously enhance the world leader’s commitment to transparency.