Facebook copy briefly surfaces in North Korea

Facebook copy briefly surfaces in North Korea

Facebook surfaces in North Korea

Hosted on the StarCon.net.kp address in North Korea it had a large number of features of other social networks.
It is not known who made StarCon but rather it is thought to be a test venture for a future support to be offered by the country’s telecoms operator.
Very soom it was found that the site was hacked and it is presently not open.

The webpage was spotted by Doug Madory, an analyst at network management firm Dyn, who said it was uncommon to see any sites facilitated in the secretive nation. The site’s name suggested it was connected to North Korea’s Star telecom service, he said.

StarCon was built a business software package called phpDolphin having many features, including, newsfeeds, messaging systems and personal spaces, seen on different social sites. However, a large portion of the site’s pages were unfinished and filled with placeholder .

According to Mr Madory interview to BBC

“I don’t believe it was intended to be accessible from outside North Korea,”.
However, he said, Dyn’s mention of StarCon on its Twitter channel drove people to set up personal pages on the site and begin utilizing it to swap messages.
One of the first accounts made parodied North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Outsiders made around 300 accounts on StarCon amid its brief presence.He also said

“There were a lot of people signing up that, based on their comments, appeared to genuinely think they could reach the North Korean people through the website,”.

“I’m quite sure that no North Koreans ever really used it for a social network website despite the fact that it was hosted in North Korea.”

After one day it was found the the site was hacked to re-direct each visitor to a YouTube video. Soon after, it went logged off totally.