First women’s telecom complex to set up in Riyadh

First women’s telecom complex to set up in Riyadh

first women's telecom complex

The Ministry of Labour and Social Development revealed that a group of Saudi investors are aiming to develop the first women’s telecom complex in the capital city of Riyadh.

The decision to limit work on mobile sales and maintenance sector to male and female Saudi workers will open new avenues to employ Saudi women or allow them to own their projects in this area, the ministry’s assistant undersecretary for special programs,
Abdulmunim Al-Shihri, said.

He said the step would also allow businessmen or women to benefit from abilities enjoyed by women including their high productivity rates, and continuity in work in a stabilized
and encouraging environment. The financing and training programs provided by the labor and social development systems have drawn up a road map for many Saudis to enter and
invest in the telecom sector, he said.

The planned telecom complex will contain 40 shops and will receive financial support from the Human Resources Development Fund, and the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation will support training programs.

Furthermore, Abdulmunim Al-Shihri revealed that the Saudi Credit and Savings bank will offer interest-free loans up to SR200,000 to those interested investing in the telecom sector.

The proposed women telecom complex will allocate transportation means for the female staff, he said.

The labor and social development systems, along with other programs joining the job localization drive, contributed to training 34,218 males and females in specialties related to mobile sales and maintenance, and customer service areas in the last few
months, he pointed out.

To add, the Ministry of Labour and Social Development is reaching out to businessmen and women to benefit from such programs, as-well-as urge customers to report any problems linked to the telecom localisation decision.

The ministry also appealed to all customers to report any irregularities related to the telecom localization decision though the link or via customer service phone at 19911.