France Launches Terror Alert App Ahead of Euro 2016

France Launches Terror Alert App Ahead of Euro 2016

Terror Alert App

Terror Alert App and Euro 2016 Tournament

The Euro 2016 football tournament is going to start on Friday.For safety reasons, French government has launched a Terror Alert App to warn users to possible terror attacks.The app also warns users about other events like flooding.

SAIP Objective

The app, called SAIP (Système d’alerte et d’information des populations) objective is to enhance security ahead of the UEFA competition.The app is free and availabe in  French and English for Apple and Android phones.

Security Threat for Euro 2016

There is a huge security challenge for the Euro 2016 tournament in French.Millions of football fans across the country preparing to attend tournament in French stadiums.

Total No Of Soccer Games

51 soccer games will be held in different cities from June 10 to July 10.The tournament is taking place almost seven month after terrorist attacks in Paris.

Past Terror Attacks

Keeping the past terror attacks in mind, French government has deployed more than 90,000 police and security guards for the football tournament.At this tournament the government is very serious to do ‘everything possible to avoid a terrorist attack’.

Spokesman Mr. Le Foll said:

“The terror threat exists. We must not overestimate it, but above all, we must not underestimate it”.

Terror Alert App and Social Media

The ministry said SAIP or Terror Alert App is designed to disperse reliable official information about the security situation across social media and help prevent emergency hotlines from becoming overwhelmed.

Second Version Of SAIP

Work is in progress for a second version of Terror Alert App to keep users up to date about other unfavourable risks such as  floods, earthquakes and avalanches.Authorities have pledged to protect users’ privacy.

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