Fresh evidence points to OLED iPhone in 2017

Fresh evidence points to OLED iPhone in 2017

OLED iPhone

OLED iPhone Launching

Apple has started wild efforts for launching all new industrial design, known as OLED iPhone in 2017.Therefore company is making huge orders to prepare for those displays.

Applied Materials Firm

According to the Bloomberg report on Monday, one firm named Applied Materials “reported an almost fourfold leap in orders for equipment to make displays” that will be used in the new iPhones.Applied Materials doesn’t make the panels, instead, those are likely to come from either LG or Samsung. Apple has reportedly already ordered 100 million such panels.

Advantages of OLED Panels

To switch to OLED panel has too many benefits;they are thinner, which would create a skinnier iPhone, as Bloomberg notes.Suck kind of display consumes less battery therefore extending battery life.

New OLED panels probably won’t be used in coming series of Apple’s iPhone sets such as iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro.This series of iPhone 7’s is expected to launch at September.For OLED iPhone we have to wait until September 2017 to see what those iPhones offer.