Full Saudization of telecom sector is expected by Sept 2

Full Saudization of telecom sector is expected by Sept 2


Foreign workers’ happy days in Saudi Arabia’s telecommunications sector are about to end after the Ministry of Labor announced the Saudization of the telecommunications industry in the Kingdom.

“Only Saudis will be employed in the mobile phone industry, including sales, maintenance and accessories by Sept. 2,” the report quoted the directive as saying.

“We need this sector to be fully Saudized by Sept. 1,” said Labor Ministry spokesman Khalid Abha Al-Khail in the report.

To work in telecom sector and allied fields, the ministry is going to train about 40,000 male and female Saudis.Human Resources Development Fund (HADAF), Technical and Vocational Training Corporation, General Organization for Social Insurance and the Saudi Credit and Savings Bank are the agencies that are playing a vital role to train young Saudis.

In this move, the participating ministries include the Ministries of Labor and Social Development, Interior, Commerce and Investment, Municipal and Rural Affairs, and Communications and Information Technology.

Earlier, the mobile phone industry was given six months to implement the decision on the Saudization of the sector across the Kingdom.

The first step was nationalizing 50% of the sector for the first three months from Jamad Al-Thani 1 (March 10). It should be completely localized by Dhul Hijjah (Sept. 2).
Al-Haqabani ordered that only Saudis will be hired in the entire mobile industry, covering sales, maintenance and accessories.

The order is being implemented according to the jurisdiction, tasks, and responsibilities of each individual ministry.

The Labor and Social Development Ministry took steps during the compaign to ensure that business owners follow instructions by replacing foreign workers with Saudi nationals.The decision to nationalize the telecom sector is expected to create jobs for Saudi men and women and give them financial stability to cover-up activities in the telecom sector.The decision will be enforced across the country and include small, medium and large businesses, the report said.

According to Abdul Kareem An-Nujaidi, HADAF director general, the fund is supporting the recruitment and rehabilitation of Saudis willing to work in the sector.