Google unveils new Magenta project

Google unveils new Magenta project


Douglas Eck, the former University of Montreal computer science professor started a project called Magenta.The main focus of this project is to see if he can teach computers to make art and music on their own.

Magenta Project

Magenta, a project from the Google Brain team that asks: Can we use machine learning to create compelling art and music? If so, how? If not, why not?

Launching Date of Magenta Project

The project launching date is June 1, 2016.The project involves TensorFlow.TensorFlow is an open source software library for numerical computation using data flow graphs.

Eck Explaination About Magenta Project Idea

” I’m primarily looking at how to use so-called “generative” machine learning models to create engaging media. Additionally, I’m working on how to bring other aspects of the creative process into play. For example, art and music is not just about generating new pieces. It’s also about drawing one’s attention, being surprising, telling an interesting story, knowing what’s interesting in a scene, and so on.”

Future Plan Of Google Brain Team About Magenta Project

Eck also said that presently we are working on machine to make it capable of how to make art and music on their own.Our future plan is to move on to video and other visual arts.

Good News For Public From Google

Last November, Google made another good step in the technology and made available TensorFlow software to the public.The main idea behind this  project is to challenge other creatives to apply it to their own work for experiment.