Hackers outside the Kingdom targeted Saudi government websites

Hackers outside the Kingdom targeted Saudi government websites

Hackers targets government websites

According to the local media, More than a third of attempted hacks in Saudi Arabia over the past year targeted government websites.

National Electronic Security Center said that 39 percent of hacking attempts from outside the Kingdom targeted the various government agencies websites.

Abbad Al Abbad, the centre’s strategy director said:

“Data for the past one year showed the most targeted websites by hackers abroad belonged to the public sector.

Hackers have accessed different websites through email proxies. The Kingdom has detected these breaches and alerted the affected sectors and their directorates.”

The second most targeted sector by foreign hackers is media, which accounted for around 23% of hack attempts, followed by telecoms and information technology (I.T.) at 15% and utilities at 8%, according to a report.

Government departments are advised to take all possible precautionary measures, Al Abbad said.

“A hacker first gathers information on the targeted website and its directorate and then works on decoding passwords,” he explained.

“The weakest passwords are the easiest to decode. He or she then uploads fishing files to the targeted website. The hacker is thus able to gather important information on all users and use this information for his or her own benefit.”