Huawei Opens Mathematics Research Center in France

Huawei Opens Mathematics Research Center in France

Mathematics Research Center

Inauguration of Mathematics Research Center

PARIS, June 15 (Xinhua) — Celebrating Huawei Innovation Days here Tuesday, the Chinese giant of information and communications technology (ICT) inaugurated its MathematicsĀ Research Center in France.

Xu Wenwei, director of Huawei strategic marketing, said choosing Paris to host its second global Mathematics Research Center was due to France’s rich academic experience in mathematics.

“We plan to continue our investment program over the long term and to develop other partnerships,” he said.

Directed by Merouane Debbah, a professor and mathematics researcher, the center aims to find an answer to global technological challenges, such as challenging the limit of Moore’s law and extending the human imagination on what the Internet can bring, the company said.

To Thierry Mandon, French junior minister in charge of high education and research, the inauguration of the Huawei global Research Center is proof of the excellence of the French mathematics school and the quality of research in France which is recognized worldwide today.

The Paris Huawei Mathematics Research Center is the second one to be set up globally after a center in Russia.