KSA to have its own media production city soon

KSA to have its own media production city soon

media production city of ksa

According to the Minister of Culture and Information Adel Al-Turaifi saying, KSA will soon have its own media production city.

The media production city would have an outstanding platform for producing artworks that will reflect the Kingdom’s history, patrimony, folklore and tolerance, the minister said.

To unfold the great history of the Kingdom, an Islamic art museum will also be opened he added.

The minister also gave a message to those who are considering the minister’s cultural projects as a small minority, compared to its ambitions for development and reform.

Turaifi disclosed that ministry would soon introduce a number of technological projects and would promote its publications using the state-of-the-art technology.

He welcomed constructive criticism even for himself and said nobody, even ministers, is above criticism.

The Kingdom’s Vision 2030 is a a sincere and creative strategic plan which should be executed to he dot, Turaifi said.

He said the elections for the membership of literary clubs will soon be organized and asked the clubs to work hard to preserve the Kingdom’s literary heritage.

He admired the local media for supporting the Saudi armed forces stained along the southern borders with Yemen.