KSA prince’s French visit to attract business and technology

KSA prince’s French visit to attract business and technology

KSA prince's French visit

French visit of  Mohammad bin Salman

Various academics and economists focused on the significance of the French visit of Deputy Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, which could bring about solutions for issues of the region, and can possibly attract investments and transfer of technology and expertise to the Kingdom as per Vision 2030.

Abdul Khaliq Abdullah, a political science professor at United Arab Emirates University and political adviser to the Abu Dhabi crown prince, said:

“The correct and timely French visit of the deputy crown prince, in view of the hopes of the Gulf states that are relying on what can be achieved on all political, economic and security levels in the next phase, will require the Gulf states, led by Saudi Arabia, to stand united and strong in the face of Iran. The Gulf states always sought to fight against terrorism and extremism through international cooperation, and also to address Iranian interference in the affairs of Arabs, and to raise the issues of sectarianism.”

He said the Gulf region trusts in the deputy crown prince whom they consider the most admired and important one at this critical time, when the European Union is disintegrating after Britain’s withdrawal from the bloc.France will probably experience
the ill effects of this for a considerable length of time to come, he said.

Anwar M. Eshki, Saudi researcher and director of the Middle East Center for Strategic and Legal Studies in Jeddah, says the French visit achieved the goals and aspirations of the two natons regarding the Palestinian cause, and the Iraqi, Syrian and Lebanese issues.

“It is expected that the visit will produce matching perspectives on the Yemeni, Lebanese and Syrian issues. On the second day of the visit, the talks involved French and Saudi investments in the two countries. The results of these meetings will see the transfer of French technology to the Kingdom at the investment and industrial levels, especially as France expressed interest in the Saudi Vision 2030, and the outcome of change from the
dependence on oil to non-oil resources,” he said.

Mohammed Al-Mutlaq, former Shoura member and businessman, said:

“We all look and rely on the visit of Deputy Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman to France with regard to technology transfer and to attract investments, and the French investment
experience in view of the strong relationship between Saudi Arabia and France, and the many economic agreements. France is one of the most advanced industrial countries, especially as regards the military industrial sector. The Kingdom seeks, in this regard, to nationalize the industry and create job opportunities for the young Saudi men.”
Former chairman of the real estate committee at the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry Abdullah Al-Bluwi said the visit matched with the Saudi Vision 2030 and the Kingdom is heading for accomplishing the National Transformation Program and the privatization of numerous sectors amid the second stage.

“This will provide many investment opportunities for international companies to expand in the Saudi market, while Saudi Arabia seeks at the same time to introduce modern technology to the Kingdom and utilize it in all fields,” he added, noting that what the deputy crown prince achieved with the American and French companies is regarded as a quantum leap for the Saudi market, and will greatly contribute to achieving the National
Transformation Program quickly and unveil investment opportunities in the Kingdom.