KSA pushing adoption of latest construction technology

KSA pushing adoption of latest construction technology

Latest technology for oil and gas in KSA

To increase oil and gas locations over the next few years, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will have to utilize and deploy latest and advanced offshore construction technology.

Anwar Al Qwasmi, general manager for Saudi Arabia at global offshore construction technology company Trimble Solutions, said:

“Constructing complex oil and gas platforms and pipelines requires precision technology, from modelling to fabrication and erection. Building Information Modelling is the biggest game-changer for constructing complex offshore projects on time and on budget.”

One recent includes the National Petroleum Construction Company, which has adopted the use of Trimble’s Tekla Structures building information modelling (BIM) software. The platform is being utilised to design offshore projects across 4D space within an open file format.Such designs can help oil & gas companies visualise designs and plan to optimise steel production and maintenance.

National Petroleum Construction Company (NPCC) was established in April 1973 to provide a facility for the fabrication of steel structures required by the Onshore and Offshore Oil and Gas Production Industry. The late seventies saw NPCC growing through considerable expansion with the construction of its own pipe coating facilities and the launching of a successful Offshore Services Division providing full marine spreads for Pipe laying, Installation and Hook-up works.

Further demonstrating its impact, Transparency Market Research reported that the global BIM market will grow from $3bn in 2014 to $12bn by 2022.

“The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia demonstrates technology best practices in oil and gas construction, helping to increase productivity, enhance collaboration, and eliminate waste. As a result, offshore construction is now safer, and more sustainable and profitable,” concluded Al Qwasmi.