KSA’s ATM machines are safe and secure

KSA’s ATM machines are safe and secure

Saudi ATM machines secure and safe

Saudi ATM machines are safe and secure from any frauds or installation of external devices designed to appropriate the information on a debit card, Talat Hafez, secretary-general of the Media and Banking Awareness Committee of Saudi banks, said.
Hafiz was reacting to a YouTube video in which an Asian resident in Bahrain warns against fraud perpetrated through inserting a smart piece placed above the slit for the ATM card which allows the theft of card data.

Hafez also said that:

“All ATM machines are thoroughly and closely monitored by banks with the cooperation of its customers, to report any suspicious or suspected issues related to the ATM machine or the place surrounding it.

He said lately very sophisticated devices have spread globally, which are used by crooks to perform fraudulent financial activities on bank customers, either by hacking into the ATM machine or cloning the customer’s card data.