Major initiative of Nokia and Zain KSA to transform jeddah into a...

Major initiative of Nokia and Zain KSA to transform jeddah into a smart city by 2018

Jeddah transformation

Nokia and Zain to transform Jeddah

Nokia and Zain KSA have jointly signed a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate on a major initiative that will transform Jeddah into a smart city by 2018.

Under the MoU, Nokia and Zain KSA will apply advanced networking technologies in the Internet of Things (IoT) and the cloud to connect and manage a wide array of devices, vehicles, homes and applications.The aim of utilization of these technologies is to enhance municipal services and businesses in Jeddah to create a happy life for the city’s residents.

Sultan AlDeghaither, chief technology officer, said:

Jeddah is the second biggest city in Saudi Arabia – and thanks to our collaboration with Nokia, it will also be a smart city. Introducing IoT to all walks of life is a top priority for Zain KSA, and Nokia’s smart city solutions will provide us with a framework
for enriching the lives of the people in Jeddah.”

Over the course of this two-year plan, the companies will enhance the network capacity, accessibility and efficiency of Zain KSA’s mobile broadband network in Jeddah, eventually leading to 5G access, while also expanding the utilization of small cells and Wi-Fi to ensure continuous connectivity throughout the city.

Furthermore, privacy is also at the forefront of the initiative, meaning both Nokia and Zain KSA will fulfil public safety requirements by focussing on the reliability and security of the networks.

Ali Aljitawi, head of Zain KSA customer team at Nokia, added:

“The world is becoming more urbanised, with exponentially more connected devices. For every device connected to the Internet today, 10 more will join it in the near future.”

“Through IoT and smart city concepts, we can automate our lives by connecting mobile devices to appliances, lights, roadways and just about everything – a shift that will improve efficiency and enable economic, social and environmental sustainability. We
believe that the Jeddah smart city concept can be a model for smart cities not just in the Kingdom, but across the region and the world.”