MBRF signs agreement with LinkedIn to launch Arab Professionals Forum Initiative

MBRF signs agreement with LinkedIn to launch Arab Professionals Forum Initiative

Arab Professionals Forum

Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation (MBRF) signed an agreement on Thursday with LinkedIn to increase cooperation between the two parties and launch the Arab Professional Forum initiative on Linkedln, a knowledge-focused initiatives for the Arab region.

The agreement was signed during an event at Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights on October 13.

The Arab Professionals Forum intends to gather top Arab subject-matter experts, academics and scientists from all the globe and serve as a platform where experts can communicate directly with top Arab talent.

It will also enable talented Arabs to meet with international and regional organisations seeking to share knowledge on how they can build their skill-set and reach the very highest levels in their careers and professional lives.

MBRF managing director HE Jamal bin Huwaireb said:

“The foundation is keen to enter into alliances and agreements with government and private institutions in the UAE and internationally, in an effort to exchange experiences and effectively contribute to building knowledge-based societies, as well as to reach out to Arab innovators and professionals everywhere,”.

In its role, MBRF will set the criteria upon which forum members will be selected.The forum aims for much more than jobs and careers and will help all Arabs make use of their talents in the workplace and beyond.

Ali Matar, head of LinkedIn Talent Solutions for Southern Europe, Middle East, North Africa and Growth Markets said:

“We are certain that this initiative will further expand the horizons for professionals seeking to benefit from our services to advance their careers,”.

The Arab Professionals Forum will be joined by other initiatives from MBRF and LinkedIn to form a comprehensive series of facilities to develop the expertise and capabilities of promising individuals in the Arab world.

Eventually the concept is planned to become a global forum promoting talent in all societies using LinkedIn’s 450-million person membership.