Microsoft Gives Out Grants To Speed Up Internet Access Expansion...

Microsoft Gives Out Grants To Speed Up Internet Access Expansion Worldwide

Internet Access Expansion

Microsoft honors awards to organizations that are focusing to enhance Internet access development over the world.

On May 23, Microsoft reported that the company has honored Affordable Access Initiative awards to 12 businesses. Every one of the organizations will get seed awards from Microsoft and additional assets that incorporates BizSpark tools, for example, software, technology and more. Microsoft support is hoped to extend hardware, applications, power solution and connectivity reach to these businesses.

Internet access has enhanced a lot in numerous parts of the world throughout the most recent couple of years. However, more than 50 percent of inhabitants of the world does not have Internet access. Peggy Johnson, the executive VP of business development at Microsoft Says that  “Connectivity is a noteworthy challenge in the world, and it requires innovative critical thinking.”

“By utilizing technology that is accessible now and collaborating with local entrepreneurs who comprehend the requirements of their groups, we would like to make consistent ways that will not only have impact today but also in the years to come,” says Johnson.
Microsoft proposes that the grant recipients of the Affordable Access Initiative are as of now attempting to address technological challenges and exhibit their capacity to maintain in the business sector. Every recipients will get amongst $70,000 and $150,000.
The company also said that the most recent awards have been given to businesses situated in 11 different countries including the U.S., United Kingdom, Uganda, Rwanda, Philippines, Nigeria, Malawi, Indonesia, India, Botswana and Argentina.
Axiom Technologies, a recipient of the grant situated in Maine, will progress in the direction of growing Internet access in the region. Another recipient AirJaldi, situated in India, is likewise attempting to set up wireless Internet connectivity in rural parts of India.
Microsoft is not by any means the only Silicon Valley Company that is attempting to enhance Internet access around the world. Facebook is also contributing his efforts to bring cheap Wi-Fi points in rural parts of India. The social media company is as of now working with AirJaldi in India. Google likewise declared Project Loon in June 2013, which goes for giving strong and quick Internet connection in unconnected areas of the world. Project Loon utilizes high-altitude balloons that are dispatched from the Earth and put in the stratosphere for making an aerial wireless network.
Users need to put an antenna on top of their building for connecting to the balloon.
Only time will prove how companies, for example, Microsoft, Google, Facebook and more can give Internet access to remote and rural parts of the world.