Microsoft Gulf webinar on how to protect businesses with the right security...

Microsoft Gulf webinar on how to protect businesses with the right security tools

Microsoft Gulf

To ensure that cloud delivers most extreme quality for its clients in a time confronted with expanding cyber security threats, Microsoft Gulf is going to have webinar today (10th of August 2016) at 4.00 p.m (UAE time), aimed at empowering users with the right security tools that can ensure to protect their business while allowing them to accomplish more.

Rami Sarieddine, Senior Technology Evangelist for Cloud Platform, Microsoft Gulf, will hold a discussion on how organizations can achieve a strong security strategy within their particular commercial enterprises, followed by a live QnA session with members to answer their problems. Being a subject master on Microsoft Azure and Cloud innovation, Rami will highlight the different parts of defending information with Microsoft’s enterprise grade protection in its products and services.

It is evaluated that 39% of organizations worldwide are planning to utilize cloud backup solutions. Microsoft solution, for example, Windows 10, Office 365, Microsoft Azure Backup, and Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) offer simple, reasonable backup for clients for everything from employees work files to data for center business applications.

Rami’s session will further emphasize on the use of technology to help protect businesses with enterprise-grade security, built-in across applications, PCs & devices, and cloud. As 40% of businesses hit by disaster never reopen, Microsoft solutions provide fast recovery from unexpected events, from lost or stolen laptops to full systems outage. Simple and affordable backup solutions by Azure support an entire organization; from work files to business applications, endorsing Microsoft’s continuous commitment to compliance with a breadth of global and industry standards.