Mobily launches new prepaid SIM validity system

Mobily launches new prepaid SIM validity system

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Mobily’s announcement of prepaid SIM

Mobily, a leading telecom services operator, has announced the new prepaid SIM validity system for all prepaid customers.It provides permanent validity on activity rather than recharges only.The new validity system will be applied on both new and existing subscribers in prepaid packages.

Sustainability of the SIM

According to Mobily, all prepaid customers should use their package at least once within 90 days to sustain the SIM validity, whether this usage is related to voice calls, SMS, Internet, Roaming, Recharge of credit or any subscription in any of the added services.

Flexibility of new Validity System

Mobily clarified that the new validity system will give greater flexibility for customers to take advantage of their packages and avoid loss of their lines if not recharged.

Prepaid Package Priority

The telecom firm said it was keen to grant prepaid packages a high priority, and aimed to enhance the value offered to subscribers in return to the price they paid.

Mobily’s Branches for the new system

Mobily has prepared all its branches in the country for the new system and offer the best services based on the best methods available to recharge the credit.