Mobily successfully finalizes the Regional Interconnection project with Iraq

Mobily successfully finalizes the Regional Interconnection project with Iraq

Mobily's Regional Interconnection project

Mobily’s Regional Interconnection project with Iraq has been accomplished successfully with the high-speed  fiber-optic network to be part of a broadband network.

In the said project, special fiber optic cables has been used and stretched for a distance of more than 80 Km from the city of Arar,  in Northern borders of Saudi Arabia to the Iraqi border, which allows greater speed and addition of new telecom markets in the Middle East.

Mobily’s strategic projects included interconnection of Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Jordan along with three international marine cables which connects Jeddah and Khobar.These projects reflect Mobily’s high reliable infrastructure as well Mobily’s high quality services with global partners in telecom sector.

It’s a fact that Mobily has local FTTH network extending more than 22000 km between the cities in addition to the most enhanced FTTH metro network within cities extending more than 5,000 which provides remarkable speeds upto 200 Mbps with stability in the connectivity performance and minimum possible delay and high transfer capacity ensuring high level of quality service.

Mobily’s Regional Interconnection project regional and international presence, where Mobily can offer voice and data various international services, and most significantly IPLC services, IPLC Transit services, Global MPLS services, MPLS Transit services and IP Transit services.