Mobily’s preparation for receiving pilgrims

Mobily’s preparation for receiving pilgrims


Mobily has finished all preparations to receive pilgrims in order to ensure success in the Hajj season of this year 1437H, through adopting an integrated plan covering all operational aspects of its infrastructure which capables to accommodate the ever-increasing voice calls, and data usage. Mobily is keen to be permanently close to pilgrims and provide them its innovative and unique services.

Engineer Maziad AlHarbi, Chief Technology Officer at Mobily said:

“the Hajj season represents an exceptional period, and Mobily is keen to support its networks with the best global technologies. Moreover, the Hajj season is considered the largest gatherings experiencing the presence of millions of users of the network at one time, therefore we allocated a number of key switches including two international switches with larger capacities to accommodate all calls streamline both domestically and internationally”.

From the service perspective, Mobily is always keen to be present in all places frequented by pilgrims, whether through the main branches or through the POS terminals implemented in the holy sites or through land, air, and sea entry ports and Miqats. The sale points are more than 100 points providing special promotions which allow pilgrims to communicate with their loved ones at competitive prices.

Mobily also declared the readiness of all allocated offices to unveil the products and services of the company in addition to the outlets located at international airports, Miqats and places surrounding the central zone to provide integrated services to pilgrims and visitors, including the Hajj package, 3G and 4G services and sale of mobile devices. The outlets allow as well payment and other various services such as the distribution of awareness brochures to pilgrims in several languages.

This initiative comes from Mobily to highlight the “welcome” culture, one of the Kingdom’s traditions, in order to implant a positive image, especially it is well known that the Hajj experience remains engraved in the pilgrims’ memories. Accordingly, it is necessary to highlight the positive image that befits the values of the Two Holy Mosques.

It is worth mentioning that Mobily take part in the Hajj season as a strategic partner for the seventh consecutive year, where the company is keen to harness all its services and human resources and technical capabilities to serve the pilgrims.