Partnership between Taqnia and Koenig to open cyber academy in Riyadh

Partnership between Taqnia and Koenig to open cyber academy in Riyadh

cyber academy in Riyadh

A newly-formed strategic partnership between Taqnia Cyber, an information security company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Koenig Solutions, a leading IT training provider, is expected to result in the opening of a high-end cyber academy in Riyadh.

The academy aims to develop and offer advanced IT and technical cyber security training programs for IT professionals in the Kingdom and surrounding countries.

According to TAQNIA Cyber senior officials, the academy will cater to the needs of cyber security experts from leading banks, financial institutions, government entities, law firms, healthcare centres, and utility and transportation providers.

These programs will cover relevant training technics in order to assess customer employees’ cyber maturity and/or to provide them the keys to understanding the latest cyber security challenges, a statement said.

The training facility will also offer Koenigs‘ authorisations including that of Microsoft, EC Council, PMP, Adobe and Security Management.

“Every organization in Saudi Arabia must have a realistic plan in place in order to protect its vital data,” said Abdulaziz Al Sabih, director of technology & business development, Taqnia Cyber. “This state of the art academy will provide a strategic and essential platform and opportunity for KSA cyber security professionals to learn the very latest techniques for countering criminal IT fraud.”

The new cyber academy will enable trainees to participate in both theoretical and hands-on practical exercises, while also benefiting from training rooms, virtualisation platforms for defence and attack scenarios or cyber challenges. In addition, trainees will be able to gain benefits from field experience, flexibility and complementarity.

Koenig has also revealed that the training program calendar for the academy centre will soon be revealed and will include courses designed to provide attendees with a ‘deep-drive’ to master critical IT security challenges, under the supervision and guidance of industry experts from the company.

The cyber academy will prepare security professionals such as penetration testers and network security administrators to use advanced hacking techniques and to learn how to identify and prevent threats before they impact their organisation.

Candidates will also learn how to use key forensic investigative techniques and spot potential problems through facilitated activities like sharing, exercises, group discussions and case studies, giving them more insight on how to identify intellectual property theft and fraudulent activities resulting from unauthorised access to sensitive information and misuse of sensitive data.

“Across today’s ever changing cyber security world, security awareness and training are an essential part of operations that is at the heart of excellent performance. Koenig is very proud to partner with Taqnia Cyber for this very timely initiative. Our partnership demonstrates our commitment towards addressing these concerns by providing world-class training modules to today’s IT professionals,” said Aditya Girish, territory manager Middle East, Koenig Solutions.