Pokémon Go dominates social media in KSA and UAE

Pokémon Go dominates social media in KSA and UAE

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has become viral sensation across the GCC, despite the fact that the augmented reality mobile game app has yet to launch in region, according to Meltwater, a global media intelligence company.

Meltware analysis of smartphone usage and social media showed that KSA was the most active in conversations centred on Pokemon Go with 51% mentions while UAE at 25%, Kuwait at 10%, Qatar and Bahrain at 5% and Oman at 4%.

Meltware analysis also showed that for highest amount of conversations, Twitter was used at a percentage of 58.7%. It peaked during mid-July at 13.9%.

Adele Coelho, head of Marketing at Meltwater India, commented:

“This is an example of the power of analysing social media conversations at scale. In this case, Niantic can dig into which countries have the most positive social buzz around Pokémon GO and decide where to launch next.”

Most common search terms used for the mentioned game included pokemon go, PokemonGo and TigerMask.