Samsung is about to launch bendable smartphone at MWC 2017

Samsung is about to launch bendable smartphone at MWC 2017


Launching of Two Bendable Screens

Samsung is currently working on two devices that feature bendable displays.One of the two variants could be folded into half like a cosmetic compact.The folding devices may launch as soon as early 2017, potentially at MWC 2017 Barcelona in February.

Project Valley

According to the Samsung announcement the Project Valley is the codenamed of bendable devices.It is widely known as Galaxy X, at the 2017 Mobile World Congress (MWC) event taking place in Barcelona.

Screen Size

According to the Bloomberg reports, One of the two models of the bendable devices will have a 5in screen when used as a handset, which unfurls into a display of 8in, very much like a tablet.

Samsung vs Apple

According to the Bloomberg reports it was also said that this launch would be a plus point for the company.Because it will grab the market before Apple’s upcoming iPhone iteration featuring OLED screens sees a rollout sometime in late 2017.

Samsung Agreement with Apple

Samsung, which is the biggest manufacturer of OLED panels, signed an agreement with Apple to supply OLED displays for its next iPhone models, according to a Wall Street Journal report in April.Samsung is said to supply as many as 100 million 5.5in OLED displays starting in May 2017.

Biggest Supplier of OLED

Samsung, the biggest supplier of OLED panels for mobile products, has pioneered the development of new screen formats with its multi-sided Edge smartphones. Using advanced
display technology may help the company recapture customers from Apple and boost earnings that have slumped for the past two years.

Glaxy Note 7

Additionally, Samsung might also name its next Galaxy Note the Note 7, instead of Note 6, said the source. The company wants to make the model number of the new Note correspond with the Galaxy S series flagship. Besides, Samsung does not have any plans to market the new bendable phone under the Galaxy S name.