Saudi Arabia unveiled e-bracelets for all pilgrims

Saudi Arabia unveiled e-bracelets for all pilgrims

e-bracelets for pilgrims

Saudi Arabia will introduce e-bracelets for all people coming from all around the world to perform hajj this year, according to Saudia media on Thursday.

As many as 2,070 people died in a crush when thousands of pilgrims converged on a walkway intersection near the holy city of Mecca for stoning the devil ritual last September.

The bracelets will contain personal and medical information to help authorities care for and identify people, according to the Saudi Press Agency.

The e-bracelets are water-resistant and connected to GPS.It will also contain crucial information such as passport numbers and addresses also offer information to worshippers, such as timings of prayers and a multi-lingual help desk to guide non-Arabic speakers around the various rituals of the annual Islamic event.The information can be accessed by employees of the ministry, and security and services bodies via a smartphone.

The annual pilgrimage to Mecca is attended by more than two million Muslims from around the world and has long been something of a safety nightmare.

Nearly 1000 cameras have been installed at Mecca’s Grand Mosque and will be linked to control rooms staffed by special forces monitoring pilgrim movements for the event
scheduled for August, according to Saudi newspapers.