Saudi Railway Company (SAR) flags off Riyadh-Qassim train

Saudi Railway Company (SAR) flags off Riyadh-Qassim train

Riyadh-Qassim train

Saudi Railway Company (SAR) is going to flag off a Riyadh-Qassim train that will travel at a speed of 200kph in the Kingdom.The train will travel between Riyadh and Qasim and the distance will be decreased to just a little over two hours.

The train underwent trial runs last week and will operate daily between the two key cities via Mujamma’ah, sources said, adding that Hail and Al-Jauf will be covered at later stages from Al-Qurrayat.

In the Kingdom, it is the first high speed passenger train.Before official launch the train was completely checked by a trial run to ensure passenger safety and that the basic infrastructure, cadres and maintenance systems were in proper condition.

After official launch, the train will accomodate a thousands of citizens, particularly belonging to the northern villages of Al-Jauf and Hail, travel easily, safely and fastly to and from Riyadh and nearby regions.

The SAR finalized the northern railway for passengers wishing to travel between Riyadh and Al-Qurrayat, and is preparing for actual operation.

The train has a total distance of 1,250 km with six statons- Riyadh, Al-Mujamma’ah, Qassim, Hail, Al-Jouf and Al-Qurrayat.In 2011, SAR started operating freight trains to take phosphate from the Northern Borders Region to refining plants at Ras Al-Khair Port in the Arabian Gulf.

The company also unveiled a freight train line in May 2014 to carry bauxite from Al-Baeetha mine in Qassim to Ras Al-Khair.

The Riyadh-Qassim train is 280 meter long with a seating capacity of 444 passengers, USB chargers for phones, WiFi, tables for eating, as well as noise control buttons, special seats for privacy, and a restaurant with fast food options.