Sony Xperia X Performance will see a limited release in the UK

Sony Xperia X Performance will see a limited release in the UK

Xperia X Performance

Sony release for UK

Sony is bringing its high-end Xperia X Performance handset to the U.K.The device may come in limited quantities, according to one report.

Availability of the Xperia X Performance

According to Clove Technology report, the device is not yet in stock and will soon be available in Mid-July release date.

Device Colors

According to Clove’s spec-related information the model will launch in just a single color: Black

Japanese Company views

On the announcement of device in Feburary at Mobile World Congress, the Japanese company said it would not be available in Germany or the U.K.

“Last month we received word that Sony might release the device in the UK in limited quantities,” reports XperiaBlog.

“UK retailer Clove has now confirmed that the Xperia X Performance will head to the UK through select partners.”

Device Pricing

The handset is set to be priced at £549 (approx. $792) and will be available in mid-July with worldwide delivery, Clove says. It’s currently unclear which other retailers will be offering the device in the U.K. at this time.

Specs of Xperia X Performance vs Xperia X

Specs of Xperia X Performance