STC has announced the launch of Jawwy mobile

STC has announced the launch of Jawwy mobile

STC Jawwy mobile

STC launched Jawwy mobile

Saudi Telecommunications Company (STC) has announced the imminent launch of “Jawwy from STC” a new digital mobile experience, becoming one of the first telecommunications
operators globally to design and develop a new mobile experience leveraging online and social media.

Jawwy” has its own SIM card and application and the company has expectation of more than 65 percent to attract Saudi population, aged below 30, said Subra J. Das, CEO of Jawwy.

Das told Arab News that Saudi youths are digitally savvy and “it is imperative that we continue to innovate in line with changing market realities.

“Jawwy from STC” will feature its own SIM, app and freshly designed digital channels for sales and customer care. A key differentiator of the service – the Jawwy app – will allow users to build, share and manage their plan in real time, instead of buying fixed plans. The app also offers many unique features including real time contextual offers and notifications, and a simple way for customers to activate services without calling customer support or visiting a store. The app will be available in both iOS and Android
versions. The service has been in private beta testing since December 2015.

Subra J. Das, CEO of Jawwy said:

With Jawwy, we hope to revolutionize the mobile telecom landscape, putting the customers first and giving them complete control of their mobile experience.

He also said:
“ the whole reason why we created Jawwy is to offer a strong proposition for the youth market in Saudi Arabia and one characteristic of this youth market is they are one of the world’s most active users of social media and online services. ”

The CEO added:

“When you’re looking at what can be done for the youth segment, it was very clear that, given their habits and that digital is so big in their lives, we have to have a customer proposition which is also digital … that’s also the future now for the youth in Saudi Arabia.”

The Kingdom has one of the world’s highest penetration rates of smartphones, social media and online platforms. This has led STC to adopt new approaches to better meet the evolving needs of young, digitally-savvy customers. Saudis under the age of 30 comprise around 65% of the population, and this proportion is set to increase further in the future.