Telecom Saudization gains momentum in KSA

Telecom Saudization gains momentum in KSA


The number of facilities committed to Saudization of the mobile phone sector has increased to 17,525 on July 27 from 669 on 6 June, an official of the the Ministry of Labor and Social Development said recently.

About 95% of the inspected telecom establishments in Najran have been found to be showing compliance to the Saudisation directive, while the percentage of such law-abiding establishments has reached 93 and 67 in the Northern Borders and in Asir respectively.

The inspections have discovered 2,925 violations in all regions of the Kingdom, 2,131 of them forwarded to the penalties committee while 794 have been warned of closure if they continue to ignore ministry’s regulation.

Dr. Fahad Al-Owaidi, deputy minister for inspection and development of work environment at the ministry, said 20,569 visits to as many as shops selling mobile phones and accessories across the Kingdom were carried out.He stressed that the crackdown would not lose momentum until the whole telecom sector is nationalised before 2 September.

Al-Owaidi also said that the ministry is striving hard to urge establishments to comply with the Saudisation directive and conduct nationwide inspections.

As soon as foreigners will depart, Saudis will take their places. Saudis are also taking on more management positions at these shops after completing training programs that aim to facilitate their entry into this important sector.
Over 34,218 men and women took advantage of trainings in sales, customer services and mobile phone repairs, which were overseen and provided by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, the Human Resources Development Fund (Hadaf) and the General Association for Technical and Vocational Training.

The official also said that it was interested to nationalise this vital and lucrative sector given its capability of generating stable job opportunities for Saudi nationals, calling upon labor parties to report Saudisation violations via the website.