Test of Technology to Bring LTE-like Performance to WiFi Conducted by Nokia...

Test of Technology to Bring LTE-like Performance to WiFi Conducted by Nokia and STC

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Nokia and the Saudi Telecom Company (STC) have led a test of MulteFire innovation, which joins the performance of LTE with the simplicity of Wi Fi deployment in unlicensed spectrum, for example, 5GHz.
As information interest proceeds unabated, mobile operators need to investigate more open doors in other spectrum bands, for instance the 5GHz band, to achieve a greater amount of their supporters in private enterprise networks, for example, stadiums, office blocks, shopping centers and airports.However due to the shared spectrum and numerous increase in users, quality and speed can be affected.
The test – which utilized Nokia’s FlexiZone small cells together with MulteFire software – demonstrated how MulteFire can exist together with Wi-Fi to convey the high performance, high speeds and security offered by LTE in a thickly populated environment. MulteFire supplements heterogeneous systems (HetNets), which utilize a blend of large scale and small cell radios, permitting operators to meet the expanded availability requests of future smart cities and the Internet of Things (IoT).
Waseem Al-Marzogi, Head of STC Group Business, Nokia, said: “As one of the establishing members from the MulteFire Alliance, Nokia is driving the improvement of a worldwide specialized detail, and this test is a critical step toward commercialization of the innovation. By working together with operators like STC, we can grow better approaches for using spectrum, for example, 5GHz to meet the network demands of today and tomorrow.”