Uber’s contribution in reducing unemployment in KSA

Uber’s contribution in reducing unemployment in KSA

Uber contribution in unemployment

Uber company is contributing much in unemployment in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.Therefore this time round about 1,000 young and energetic Saudi men applied as a part time job with Uber company.

Faris Al-Fadel, director of operations of Saudi Uber company said, the company aim is to hire more Saudis in the coming five years till this number reaches to 100,000.

Privacy and security is the main concern for every passenger.Keeping this in mind, Uber provides the best privacy and security and that’s why about 80 percent women use this
service in the kingdom, he said.

He confirmed that the company is working on supporting the Kingdom’s plans by including 1.3 million women in the labor market by 2030, which would increase the rate of working women by 30 percent.

The number of active drivers of Uber in June were 20,000 only and working since it started its operations in KSA but “we hope to increase this number because the Uber application is among the most used on smartphones“, said Al-Fadel.

“The majority of passengers are men, and when our operations expanded, the number of male passengers increased because using Uber is easier than using one’s own car,” he added.

Uber has its own precedures of hiring drivers.First of all they have to submit their authentic documents and if they are eligible for the job, then they are trained and also have to pass the test before working for the company.

For further evaluation of dirvers, the passengers are asked after each trip to ensure that the quality of the service is maintained.

Drivers’ age and quality of vehicles factor among Uber’s conditions for drivers.

“We measure the quality of the service offered by drivers through passengers’ evaluation. If their evaluation is level four, we talk to them to find out the problem and solve it,” said Al-Fadel.

“Saudis use Uber and told us that our service facilitates their getting to school and work. We invest in the world to change the way people move around, and we support Vision 2030 and wish to contribute to decreasing unemployment by 30 percent by encouraging more Saudis to join Uber,” he added.

Uber is a new company which works in the field of technology as well as having a commercial register and an international license.