Zain KSA launches Noor package with extra 200% credit

Zain KSA launches Noor package with extra 200% credit

Noor package

Upgradation of Noor Package

Noor package upgrade has been launched by Zain Saudi Arabia to keep visitors happy with its services.Visitors from all over the world coming to perform umrah can take benefit from this package especially.

“Noor” package Features and Services

To keep users connected anytime, anywhere, globally and domestically, Zain KSA offers following services for its subscribers.

1) International Call Service
2) Local Call Service
3) High-Speed Internet Service

3-part Charging Options

As part of a 3-part charging options provided by the package, users have the following options.

1) To recharge by upto 200 percent
2) To charge for international minutes to more than 200 countries along with data services.

Noor package Validity

To make local or international calls or to use data services for a long time, Noor package has the longest validity in the kingdom.

Charges against Local or International calls and Internet packages

The company charges for unified local calls tariffs is calculated per second.International calls with discounted rates starting from 55 halalas per minute, along with different available data packages up to 6GB.

“Noor Data” Package

Without Data packages, smartphones seems to be useless.Because to make local or international calls we can activate these packages by having just a small feature phone.Then what about communication apps like twitter, facebook, whatsapp etc, which needs a good internet service.Keeping this in mind Zain KSA has introduced another good package with the name of “Noor Data” package.

“Noor Data” Package Subscription

Package subscription is availabe for one or three months.

One Month Subscription
Subscribers can get 5GB data service for SAR80 per month.

Three Month Subscription
Subscribers can get 10GB data service for three months for SAR130.

Services Availability

Noor Data” or “Noor” package services are available anywhere in the kingdom, such as sea,air and land ports.It is also from the company’s shops in situated in the central areas in Makkah and Mandina.

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